Easy to renovate-Patent Decor is the worldwide leading collection of paintable wall design structures. The collection offers more than 100 variations for the realization of your design ideas and easy to renovate. The design concept of Patent Decor consists of a wide selection of plain structures, which can be combined with large format design borders and friezes. The individual color design with latex or acrylic paints makes every room one of a kind. The modern non-woven substrate does not require soaking time and is dimensionally stable. Patent Decor is flame resistant and can later easily be removed dry. CEILING beautifully structured, matt, homogeneous ceilings. Modern non- woven material: paste the ceiling, attach wallcovering – done! PATENT DECOR 3D two-tone colour effect and three-dimensional impression with one coat of paint. Ornamental bas reliefs of special granulated material and is to be painted with solvent-free acrylic and dispersion paints.