Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions for

Amazing Walls currently sell Australia-wide and all prices are in Australian Dollars. If you would like shipping to another country, please contact us and we will revise the price and shipping.

Edition: January 2012

1. Purview

(1) The GTC apply to all current and future business connections between the customer and The edition of this agreement valid at time of purchase will be decisive.

(2) All agreements for purchase and delivery of the offered articles were held in the GTC. If the customer wishes to change or add conditions, then they have to be agreed in written form.

2. Application-specific hints

(1) Application-specific hints and advice in spoken and written form, which gives to the customer insupport, occur in accordance to our current information. They are not binding and do not justify rights or collateral duties from the purchase agreement. They do not release the customer from his or her duty to carefully consider the suitability of our products.

3. Delivery time

(1) The shipment process is started right after payment is received. The delivery times vary regionally, but allow approximately 14– 30 days (up to 9 weeks delivery if out of stock).

(2) The customer receives an order confirmation in written form.

4. Transport, delivery

(1) The delivery takes place with a shipping company. Once the package is received, the risk of robbery or loss moves on to the customer.

5. Prices and payment

All prices include 10% GST. There will be no refund once payment is received and ordered.

6. Reservation of ownership

(1) reserves the ownership of the delivered products until the receipt in full of all payment.

(2) The customer is committed to handle the reserved products with care and inform immediately about garnishment or sequestration.

7. Shipping Prices

(1) Shipping is $16.90 for the first item in your cart, then $6.90 for each additional item.

(2) If there are 4 or more items in your cart, shipping is FREE.

8. Rights for material deficiency

(1) Reclamations are impossible if the customer has mixed components with the products which were not delivered by, or manufactured the products in contrary to current regulations or technical handouts. Photo murals especially have to be inspected before adherence.

(2) The web shop is not involved with, and accepts no responsibility for, the installation process of any of our products. The purchaser takes full responsibility for selecting a licensed tradesperson or choosing the DIY method. As such, we do not pay labour claims. All claims are strictly limited to the replacement of goods only when proven faulty, before any installation process.

9. Final clauses

(1) Any legal relations between seller and buyer are governed by State and National Law.

(2) The place of fulfilment for all contractual and legal claims, as well as the legal domicile is the registered office of, unless barred by compelling reasons or laws.